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Abergavenny Winter Warmer


Whata difference a week makes! The week/end following Abergavenny Tony and I set off for Norfolk for a holiday; a heat wave in March? Who would believe it? However, on the route home from Abergavenny we had had a stop for a warming cup of tea at Burford to prevent hypothermia setting in.

Anywayback to the beginning. We set off mid morning giving the Honda its first rideout of the year, (I know you hardy souls have been riding all winter - but we are wimps!)

Our first stop was a cafe attached to a hotel on the roundabout at Burford for coffee, as we turned in I gave Tony the thumbs down. It was closed, however ,hopping off to enable Tony to turn around I read the notice on the door - the hotel next door would be pleased to serve the necessary refreshment while re-furbishing was in progress – and a very warm welcome we received.

The journey onward was quiet, (a sign of the times?) and dry weather made for a pleasant ride to lunch at Harts Barns in the forest of Dean, another of our haunts.

Fortified with an enormous club sandwich we made it to Mulberry House about 3.30pm.

We were surprised to see the car park pretty full of cars – an environmental seminar was taking place – several motorbikes were already parking under the lean-to. We bumped into Brian "dangerous” Beeson who had ridden from Essex on his new Triumph Tiger, Paul Vango was parked alongside. As we went to book in Barry Kemp was taking it easy sat on a wall recovering from his ride from "up north” with a bruised leg after a stumble ina garage the week before.

Once settled in it was tea and cake in the common room to meet up with Paul Weston our organiser, Mike Lacey, Laurie Shephard, Pat and Geoff Barfoot, Vince Noad, Roy Simpson, Frank and Doug Chapman, Tim Minett, Mike Thompson and, taking a detour from a trip down the Fosse Way, Dave Gilligan, Mike Walker and AlanSimister which made for a lot of noisy chat. An excellent day was rounded off with a pint in the local Weatherspoon Inn which had a beer festival on in the company of Geoff and Pat.

It was a new bunch of staff at Mulberry but the same warm welcome and good food for both days. The ride out on Saturday was blessed with good weather and sunshine. We set off leaving Alan Simister in the hostel car park waiting to be taken home on a RAC breakdown vehicle - his rear shock had given up the ghost.

The country round Hay-on-Wye was looking very beautiful. We all rolled up at the same café on the edge of town at nicely staggered intervals so no queuing for coffee. Here we met Lawrence Bransby who had ridden up from Paignton the day before for the ride. Barry had teamed up with us for the ride which made for a pleasant lunch stop at the Owl and Small Breed centre Kington. They kindly allowed us to use the café without paying the entrance fee. To go round and see the various critters it was a fairly steep £8, a couple of our hooligans tried to sneak in but had their collars felt and then paid up for the tour, which,relayed over coffee in the common room that evening sounded very interesting.

We broke our return leg of the ride with afternoon "tea” at a pub which was showing the six nations rugby. As we had Laurie in tow at that point as well as Barry, Paul and Mike it seemed a good idea to stop. We left Laurie and Paul to finish the game as we rode on back to Mulberry house

Sunday dawned cold and cloudy, just how cold was made evident on our journey home and the need for that warming cuppa at Burford.

We were sorry you could not make it Dave - you missed a good-un.

As usual an excellent weekend for which we give our warmest thanks to Paul Weston our event organiser.

Christine Maidens

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