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Alan Simister

In answer to a request for profiles from Committee members this was submitted by Alan, and with his permission included here untouched as it is too charming to edit in any way!

Whats wrong with a quill on velum!!,  Only joking, on second thoughts, computers not my favorite thing. About me: living off the state, thanks for your contribution to my pension. Civil enginering Tech. Biked all my life. Joined club in 1987.Enjoy most sports except HAIRY BIKERS!. Enjoy


organising events ( what's happened now!! )  HATE THESE THINGS! Son and daughter and granddaughter.  SEND you a picture!!  you must be joking, its taken 30 minutes to do this. Give me a pen and paper anyday . Do wonders with Tipex.  How sad am i.  Regards Alan S. The original computer dummy.