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Ken & Mollie Craven

A Club for Touring Motorcyclists founded by the late Ken Craven.
It all started not too long after the Second World War when Ken Craven, maker of the famous Craven Panniers and his wife Mollie began to organize their ‘Partitours' which were Continental adventure tours for groups of motorcyclists. Ken's strong preference was for uncrowded roads and good scenery, meaning that main roads and large towns were avoided like the plague. The Partitours were very successful and continued for many years.

In 1978 Ken, by now retired from his pannier manufacturing business, founded the Partitour Rally to Mojacar, an annual adventure trip to a small town on the coast of Almeria in Spain.

The route continued the Partitour tradition, seeking out minor roads and mountainous terrain to provide the most exiting and enjoyable riding experience possible. In the early years almost everyone camped, but with growing affluence and the wide availability of cheap Hostel accommodation in parts of Spain unknown to Costa-del-Concrete tourists, the emphasis has steadily changed. Nowadays the majority stay in Hotels and only a dedicated few camp nearby when sites are available.

  In 1988 Ken had been saying for several years that he was conscious that his health was not as robust as it had been. He thought that it would be a good idea to form the large group of regular participants into a club so that some of the organizational burden should be shifted to an elected committee.                        

And the Mojacar Motorcycle Touring Club was born !

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Link to early article by Mollie Craven, 30th Dec 1948
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Apologies for the quality, but the charm of the 1948 magazine should make up for it!





 Noel Thacker & John Selwood
In the late seventies Ken Craven, a motorcycle touring expert of the time and of Craven pannier fame, started the
Mojacar Rally which in the early years was a camping event which attracted about forty riders many of them with pillions. The Rally participants travelled through France and Spain in groups of three or four using minor roads and meeting up each night at a pre-booked site. Meals were also pre-booked so every evening was a social gathering where the events of the day could be discussed. The destination was the village of Mojacar in southern Spain which at the time was just a village with a few apartments close to the beach. When Mojacar was reached rooms at the apartments had been booked and three days of local runs and evening restaurant meals were enjoyed by all. The Rally ended at Mojacar and on the Thursday morning of the second week everyone said their goodbyes and travelled home with small groups of friends they had made on the Rally.
In 1988 Ken sadly announced that he was not going to organise any more Rallies as he was getting too old (80). Some of the past participants of the Rallies decided that a  Club should be formed to continue an annual Rally and that the organizational responsibility should be shifted to an elected committee.   
The Mojacar Touring Club was duly formed and for the first three years the Tour was to the Iberian Peninsula. In 1992 the ‘Alpine Trial' to Austria was undertaken and although Iberia was visited again, the Club has tried to take in new countries as often as possible. 
Some 1989 Period machines on TourFrom the early days of the Club weekend events were introduced and planned by members  whose local knowledge has always provided events which have been very pleasing and often introduced outsiders to the hidden secrets of new areas.


The Club has continued unchanged, except for ‘motorcycle’ being added to the name because of misunderstandings when bookings were made, to the present day with many of the same members who started the Club. Membership has always been about 120 with over half being ‘active’ members and events are always well supported. There are not many National Clubs that can boast a 40-50% turnout at their AGM, which reflects the enthusiasm of the members and reveals a Club worth belonging to.


seo.pngIn case you're wondering - the club takes its name from the town in southern Spain. A regular destination for the club's founder and his traveling companions for many years.

The town of Mojacar has a close association with a carving known as Indalo Man. This ancient symbol, also known as the ¨Mojacar Puppet¨ , was drawn on the outside walls of village houses as a  charm for good luck and is said to ward off storms and evils. Although related to native cave paintings found in Velez Blanco, and dating back 4,500 years, the talisman is still to be seen on homes today.

If you visit Mojacar, you will see it displayed outside many homes as a talisman for good weather, also regarded as a symbol of welcome - A natural choice for our Club's Insignia!