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Meet Colin Pegram

Born 9 October 1948 in Chipping Ongar, Essex. I grew up riding pillion on my Father’s various Nortons, the last being an International. As a youngster I had various field bikes to mess around on, the last being a Royal Enfield Meteor.  
When I left School at 15 I worked in Myson Engineering making Heater Systems for a year then on turning 16 got my first road bike, a Triumph Tiger Cub. With this Bike I changed my job and went to work at Dagenham Dock where my Dad was working as foreman. There I was a Trainee Electrical Engineer and went on the Bike. While working here I got to know a guy who was a member of the 59 Club so went along to one of the Club nights and joined. After a few months I started work at Crompton Parkinson at Chelmsford as an Apprentice Electrical Engineer. By then I was well into the Rocker scene and had become a Rebel I suppose, fighting with the Mods and all. It was while working here that I had a Bad Accident hitting a car head on at a crossroads - Both bike and car wright-offs and me nicked for dangerous riding and banned for 6 months.
When I got my license back I had various Triumphs for the next couple of years. Did some Camping down in Cornwall and hung around the 59 Club and the Ace Cafe. Went to Brighton for some fun with the Mods - that was a special time for me and my biking buddies. Then it was on to cars and girls and dances for a few years with the odd bike here and there for a bit of fun. 
 In 1969 I met my wife Jan and after getting married in 1970 Moved to Harlow. Was employed as a Unigate Milkman for a while then started Lorry Driving for a living. Came off the Lorries to run a Snooker Club for 10 Years then purchased my own truck with which I travelled with to about 28 countries. I then did four runs to Albania taking Aid out there. I then sold the Truck and got a job driving a Skip Lorry so I could be home every night. It was while in this job that I got the bug to start biking again so I got myself a Honda Nighthawk and started to go to bike meets and camping weekends. After the Nighthawk came a Triumph Trophy 900, then they made the Bonny America so changed to that and it was with this bike that I started to go back to the Ace Cafe which was in the throes of reopening. While it was being prepared they had a Hot Dog Stall in the car park so bikes started to gather here. The official grand Reopening was in 2001 and what a good time that was.
Driving my Skip lorry I was to come into contact with a guy at one of the yards I went to who also was named Colin. We eventually became quite friendly and started to have a cup of coffee together in the mornings and I started going for rideouts with him and his mates on a Sunday. One thing led to another and I fancied giving the B.M.W  a go so he put me onto one of his Club Members who had one for sale up near Manchester way. It was a R100 and at a fair price so the deal was done and Colin offered to ride it home for me. So off we went in the car and met this chap a certain Mr Alan Simister, collected the bike and off back down to Harlow, all in an afternoon-evening. It was this offer of help from Colin that reminded me of the Brotherhood of Bikers in the 60's and with that we struck up a friendship that for me will never die. I then joined the Mojacar MTC and the rest as they say is history.