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Club membership is fairly well spread throughout the British Isles and we may be able to put you in touch with a Member in your area. You are very welcome to contact us for any more information that you may require on specific points. Of course the best way of getting to know us is at one of our Club activities, particularly the reunions, when a large number are present. This will provide ample opportunity to canvas views on the events, learn how to avoid snags and get the most out of the events. 

The Club is Affiliated to The British Motorcyclists Federation and carries Public Liability Insurance through that organisation. There are two levels of Membership, Individual(£13.00) and Joint (£15.00)which is for two members living at the same address. (The enhanced fee is to cover the additional BMF Affiliation and Public Liability Insurance fees).

If you wish to appy to join the Club, please click on the link below and print the membership form.
Once completed please return with appropriate cheque to the address on the form,
Thank you.


Contact Information

Please use this area to contact us and your message will be relayed to the correct person

thumb_contact-us.jpgThe clubs affairs are looked after by a group of people who don't seem to let administrative duty get in the way of plenty of motorcycling.
Our Secretary, Kate, would be pleased to answer any queries or give you more information about joining the club.
If you have any comments or suggestion about the website then Edina will be pleased to hear from you. Thank you
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