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Meet Edina Lacey- Webmaster


Born in Essex­­, but moved all around the country as the daughter of an RAF Sergeant. Dad had all the usual bikes of the time and tells tales of taking me for rides on the tankIn true Ducati gear in a Castle in Portugal of his AJS, not that I remember it. We eventually settled in the west country in my mid teens where I have more or less remained ever since.


In 1976 I was one of the first pupils to take an O level in Computer Science, a bit of a new-fangled subject, (mainly meant for boys I was told) but I had a feeling that this computer lark would catch on! Seems that for once I made a good choice as all through my working life I have managed to bluff my way through as some sort of computer buff J. My "real” qualification is in accountancy and I have mainly worked in environments such as software development which overlap both accounts and IT thus not getting bogged down with having to do tax returns etc!  All in all it has kept me pretty busy over the years and I have been able to continue to learn new skills as technology develops. Useful as I have been drafted in to write this new site!


The other thing which also kept me busy was having two children in the early 80’s. My daughter, a primary School Teacher, now living in Cornwall. My son, an editor, and his family in Bath, yes, family – I am a grandma to the lovely little  Ana Sophia. Various other hobbies over the years include Jive dancing, amateur theatre, dog Obedience and Agility Training and amazingly (to me) I managed to complete the London Marathon 26 mile Moonwalk in 2004!
On top of the World


I met Nigel in 2006 and at that time I had never really been anywhere near a motorbike, in fact to me they all looked the same. I was soon to be re-educated!  Through various twists of fate and writing a website for Nigel  I have now become fully involved in his Classic Ducati Motorcycle business and the learning curve has been steep to say the least. As a bit of a dare I took my CBT a couple of years ago and then sort of accidentally on Ebay bought myself a cute little Yamaha SR125 to ride with L plates. The real aim was to pass my "big bike” test but to date I have not managed to get any free time to do this, still there as a possibility as Nigel keeps buying more bikes. Oh, technically I also own a Ducati Brio 48.

I joined the club in 2008, and enjoyed a baptism of fire with my first real experience of motorcycle touring being a little 3000 mile trip to France Spain & Portugal the following year.  Nigel liking a challenge decided to do this trip on a 1978 Bevel drive 900 GTS Ducati. My challenge was made easier by an Airhawk cushion! J