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Meet Kate & Bill

Kate Johnson and Bill Fishwick

Bill is a civil engineer who is currently working on flood defence and Kate has recently retired after 36 years courtesy of the NHS mostly as a midwife.  As a reward Kate is now secretary of this club.

Bill had the not uncommon  relationship with bikes that began as a youngster, progressed to cars and then back to bikes for the last twenty years.

Kate’s father ferried the family around in a BSA 650 outfit, mum in the front and kids in the back, dad wearing the obligatory flat cap, army greatcoat and leather gauntlets. So, when Bill arrived home with a VT500 one day it was not an entirely new concept. (Although it was a surprise and not altogether welcome)

However on the "can’t beat them join them” principle we have motorcycled happily ever since, thoroughly enjoying the tours and friendships formed through the club.

Current bikes----Pan European ST1300 on the road

Triumph Sprint-------900 not on the road.