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Meet Linda Chapman


My motorcycling experience began when Frank and I got together in 1989. It was very soon apparent that I would be expected to ride my own bike. I learnt on his Mum'sLinda and her bikes bike, a Kawasaki KC100.  I now have three bikes,none of which I ride regularly, so couldn't consider myself a dedicated motorcyclist.  I have however completed the Irish National Rally a couple of times which toughened me up a bit. My favourite bike is my Excocette which is an Excelsior Manxman 350cc engine within a Velocette MOV frame(1936). Frank built this 19 years ago, and gave it to me after I had ridden it round the Isle of Man for a week and fell in love with it. It is a bit of a boneshaker and somewhat recalcitrant but has loads of character.
My Ariel VCH was also gifted from Frank. We had bought it to fit a side car to for our Dog Bosco, a German Shepherd. He wasn't keen and we were going to move the bike on. I wondered whether I would like it, and yes I love it, it's a very comfortable ride and much more relaxing than the Excocette. Recently I was given an Ariel Huntmaster for my birthday in October, and I am looking forward to getting to know it too.
Linda & Bosco
I also love touring on the back when we do longer trips together. We went up to the Isle of Man years ago with me on the back of a Harley XLCR Café Racer and had a holiday around Italy in 1991 on a V Max, what a beast. Since then all of our tours have been completed on a 1985 Harley 1340 Wideglide. Being a passenger on holiday means great views and an opportunity to have a drink at lunchtime.
My main pastime other than motorcycling, cooking and enjoying a glass of red, is off road cycling with Frank and Bosco.