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Meet Martin Heuter


"I was born and brought up in Germany and came to live in England due to studies, relationships and work. Initially an employee (student holiday work and then apprenticeship in a major sweet manufacturing company), then social policy degrees I have since worked both in the public sector and the voluntary sector, always working with/for communities and disabled people.


I came into motorcycling rather late.  I owned a 50cc motorcycle in my mid teens but then gave that one up for a car – my first one being an old Opel Kadett (the equivalent to the Vauxhall Astra).  Important stage was a Citroen 2 CV (very underrated, highly recommended in snow) and then various cars.  Motorcycling very much a result of working in Bristol and moving with my then family to the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, I bought my first bike, a BMW F650, which was followed by a BMW R1150 R, then followed by an 1150GS, which I had for 4 years and a BMW 1150 RT.  In between also succumbed to owning older bikes such as an R80RT and a R100RT – lovely bikes but due my mechanical inabilities I decided to stick with modern bikes.


So, really a BMW man through and through (and I don’t believe that there is a link to me being German at all).  Ever since I owned my first bike (the F650) I was convinced by the reliability of the BMWs and – given that I am on the tall side, there aren’t that many bikes around that let me ride them in comfort for more than an hour or two.


I haven’t been doing as much touring as I wanted for some time, but this year is a tour year ... unfortunately (due to timing) not with the club but I will explore the western side of Scotland, which I think must have been made for two wheels.”