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Meet Mike Lacey

Working Life
Born 19th July 1938. Left school at 16 and took a 5 year apprenticeship as Engine Fitter & Turner in HM Dockyard Portsmouth. Married December 28th 1959 - On completion of apprenticeship, joined ‘General Steam Navigation Company’ as junior engineer (Continental Coasting) but left after a year with the intention of going ‘Deep Sea’. No suitable job was available so started work as an engine fitter at MOD Blackbrook Farm overhauling diesel engines. After 5 years, passed MOD 2nd engineers exam and joined the Port Auxiliary Service (Tugs & auxiliary vessels serving the Fleet), subsequently became 1st engineer and then 1st engineer Higher Scale (chief engineer). The PAS was subsequently to become the major part of the Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service after several small organisations were amalgamated with it. Served in Portsmouth, Singapore, Portland, Bath, Rosyth, Gibraltar, Devonport and finally Portland from where I retired when the base was closed in 1996. Service as Chief Engineer started in a shore post in Bath in 1979 and ended, again ashore in HM Naval Base Portland. With the exception of another shore post in Gibraltar all service was spent as chief engineer on deep sea salvage tugs and scientific research vessels.
Motorcycling Life
First motorcycle, 1930 BSA 250 B4 (OHV twin port, hand change) was bought while still at school and was main transport for about 4 years. In 1956 a Velocette Viper was purchased on HP but although it was a great bike it was soon sold because an apprentice’s pay wouldn’t stretch to putting petrol in the tank as well as making the payments for it. It was replaced by a Morgan 3 wheel Super Sports and a whole series of cars and bikes that were all bought for around £10 and now appear in sales adverts marked £POA. On marriage everything was sold and replaced with a Manurhin Hobby 70cc scooter but this was part exchanged for an Ariel KH outfit in 1961 when a daughter was about to arrive. Sadly she didn’t like riding in it so main transport became a car and motorcycling was continued on ‘tiddlers’. In Singapore in 1970 a return was made to motorcycling with the purchase of a Honda 90 S which was quickly exchanged for a Bridgestone 175 Dual Twin which was brought back to UK. 
A Suzuki GS 400 really started the return to proper Motorcycling and an article in ‘Motorcycle Sport’ about the 1980 Mojacar Rally raised the enthusiasm to ‘do’ a first ever Continental trip and I signed up for the 1981 event.  In May of that year I met the others who were going; some, like me, ‘new boys’ and some who had been before. In June we set off on what in those days was a camping trip and during the next two weeks I made some wonderful friends and was hooked on Continental Touring.When the Mojacar Touring Club was formed, I was a founder member, but I couldn’t really take an active part as I was still employed at sea but when taking up my last shore post coincided with the General Secretary standing down I took the job on and continued for seven years until passing the post on to Tony Maidens After an uncomfortable but reasonably profitable deployment to the South Atlantic in 1982 I purchased a Moto Guzzi Spada and so started a 25 year love affair with Moto Guzzis both modern and classic. This resulted in my becoming PRO for the MGCGB which ended when I had an accident in 2003 with a year not being able to ride. When back on two wheels I went to the MGCGB AGM and found myself volunteering to be the Club Treasurer a position I still hold. Modern Guzzi’s were the Spada (65000 mls) and a V650 GT (135000 mls); Classic bikes were a Falcone Sport, Airone, Lodola Sport, Nuovo Falcone and Guzzino now all sold but I still own a T3, Zigolo and Galletto. The Galletto is slow but a great bike to ride and I have made seven trips to Italy for a Galletto Rally.
 ... and a few minutes later
In 2008 I broke away from my one make obsession and purchased a Royal Enfield Electra X; it has sometimes proved to be a little temperamental but is so nice to ride, all its faults are forgiven. Always wanting to have something different to others I bought a Piaggio MP3 in 2010 but was thwarted in my plans to have the only one in the Club as there are now four!