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Meet Nigel Lacey


Born in Fareham in 1964.  During my childhood my father Mike Lacey, nearly always had a motorbike of one sort or the other. Growing up with motorbikes it was fairly inevitable that I would be drawn into the fold. My earliest memory of riding on a motorcycle was in Singapore, aged about 5, sat on the tank of my fathers Honda 90 motorcycle. Teenage years I rode pillion on my father’s various bikes visiting various motorcycle shops and shows. By this time the bug had bitten and I just couldn’t wait for my 16th birthday. I bought my first bike a Puch Grand Prix, in need of a little bit of TLC, whilst I was 15. On my 16th birthday I  remember the exhaust being blocked  due to the numerous previous rides up and down the drive . On the first day I covered 100 miles and the next year was full of the usual thrills and spills of that short insane period of the sports moped.

I started an engineering apprenticeship at the end of that year with the U.K. Atomic Energy Authority. My official title on my deeds was "instrument maker” which kind of covered pretty much every aspect of engineering. After completing my apprenticeship I then continued to work there as a research mechanic for the next 13 years. During these years I was often very grateful for exceptional workshop facilities, if you know what I mean!

Over the years I have owned quite a lot of motorcycles and have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the perfect bike. Even the most derided of motorcycles have redeeming features and a lot of the time the best biking moments for me have been about the riding. My involvement in motorcycles has involved me in commuting, touring, green laning, enduros, beach racing and road racing. My early days of working on motorcycles started with the restoration of my Puch with my father and has continued throughout my life culminating in starting my own business in 1998 specialising in Ducati bevel engines. Never really looked back and now consider myself pretty unemployable!

My first involvement with Mojacar was prior to the formation of the club when I participated in Ken Cravens rally to Mojacar in 1984. I joined the Club in 1988 after its formation having been a regular attendee of Lyme Regis weekends throughout the 80’s. I completed club tours to Portugal in 1989 and 1990. From 1990 the next 17 years were spent heavily involved in Classic road racing and the starting of my business which meant eventually riding on the road took a back seat. I rejoined the Club in 2007 with Edina my partner at the time who is now my wife. Edina, myself and another ex-racer, our greyhound Jude,  live in Weymouth, the town where I have lived since the age of 7.

Edina, myself and Black Betty (our 900 GTS) completed the 2009 tour to Portugal. As far as we know, Betty holds the record for being the oldest bike (at the time of completing a tour) to complete a Mojacar Rally or Club tour at the grand old age of nearly 31. We are looking forward to more tours in the future.

Bikes I have owned:   
 1976 Puch Grand Prix Supreme (Mag wheels, JPS Colours, a teenage dream)In Singapore, trying Dad's Honda 90 for size
 1971 Honda CB250 K2 (Fast but evil handling)
 1981 Honda CB250 RS (32,000 miles in 2 years)
 Bultaco Sherpa (fitted with Villiers engine and latterly Honda, my first "special”)  
 1980 Moto Guzzi V50 II (50,000 miles, incl Mojacar tours and other European trips)
 1983 Moto Guzzi V50 III (restored and sold on)  
 1984 Honda FT 500 (I messed about with This one, but it didn’t stay long)  
 1977 CZ 250 (Hand painted undying winter hack, lots of rattles and smoke)  
 1980 Morini 250 2C (Fantastic handling, the start of another Italian love affair)
 MZ 250 Trophy (a restoration project too far, scrapped it) 
 1977 Suzuki TS 250 (looked good, detonated a lot)
 1982 Honda XR 200 (fantastic indestructible bike)  
 1980 Yamaha 250LC ( first race bike, proddie racing & learning how to fall off!)
 Yamaha 250 single (YZ motocross engined road race bike)  
 1983 Laverda Jota 180º (Raw and exciting, needed a firm hand)
 1987 Ducati 750 Paso (Superb styling, great engine, poor chassis)  
 1990 CZ 350 (wow 12 volts, plenty of smoke and I recall a large seizure)
 1967 Ducati Sebring race bike (start of a passion)  
 1987 Yamaha SRX600 (nice styling, removed the engine for my racer, criminal act!)
 Camier Yamaha 630 Single race bike (fun bike)  
 1975 Ducati 250 Mk III (longest bike still owned, with the lowest mileage covered)
 1990 Kawasaki KLR 600 (Superb trail bike, very uncomfortable seat)  
 1990 Kawasaki GT 550 (Comfortable seat, yawn, didn’t stay long) Bumping into the Spanish Ducati Owners Tour in June 2009
 1994 Honda CB 500 (Good all-rounder, fast, very good for vibration white finger)
 1983 Morini 250 2C (Awaiting restoration)
 1978 Ducati 900 GTS (The Legendary Black Betty!)
 2003 Royal Enfield 350 Bullet (I needed something slow to follow Edina around on!)
 1971 Ducati 450 Mk III Desmo ( Awaiting restoration)  
 1964 Ducati Brio 48 (Awaiting restoration and donated to Edina)
 1960’s Laverda 50 Mini Scooter (Awaiting restoration, do you see a pattern here?)  
 1980 Moto Guzzi V50 II ( yes it’s the one I had in the early 80’s, bought back!)
 2009 Harley 883R Sportster (It had to be done, now moved on)
 2005 Moto Guzzi 1100 Breva (another flightly Italian filly)

 Nigel on the 350 Sebring at Pembrey