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Meet Tony Maidens

My Working Life

Born 25 December 1937. Left School 15 years of age - 5 years Apprentice Toolmaker/Machinist followed by 2 years National Service.

1959 Returned to employment as Toolmaker-Machinist. Spent working life in this profession working for various engineering manufacturing companies.

Gained experience in all forms of machining/fitting culminating as manager of the engineering workshop facility at the Science & Engineering Research facility at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Harwell, including being manager of mechanical apprentices at this facility.


Motorcycling Life

Obtained a second hand original rod gear change Douglas Vespa at 19 years of age.

Rebuilt Vespa from scratch - gave to my Brother.

Purchased a new Excelsior Tallisman Twin two stroke (1960), nice bike but gutless, after much pleasure on this bike sold after 1 year.

Purchased a new AJS 650cc model 31 twin. (1961) nice bike for the time, I and my brother went to Spain in 1962 complete with Craven Panniers and full camping gear, got just south of Barcelona - had enough, (too much weight - left half of camping gear in Spain) rode home (2 punctures’, chain stretched to its full limit but made it, rest of bike no problem.) Spain very primitive at that time, still under Franco.

Sold bike in 1963 and went into cars! Bought new 1200cc Volkswagen Beetle, toured Spain and Italy, a great air cooled engine car but, gutless by today’s standards. (Who cares).

After several more cars (mainly Fiat’s) and an old Austin A60 campervan returned to biking in 1977. During first oil crisis, bought a new Honda C70 step through for commuting, a revelation after my last experience with British bikes. Went on to Honda CD175cc twin, lovely machine but too small for two up.

In 1979 bought a Honda 400cc twin, kitted it out with panniers and full camping gear.  Chris and I joined Ken Craven on a tour to Mojacar. After 2 more tours with Ken went on our own touring France, Northern Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany. All camping trips.

Re joined Mojacar Club in 1991 for Kens last tour, have been a member since culminating in me being club secretary for 10 years.

Fleet at present is:
1993 BMW R100RT from new.

2006 Honda CB1000F

1997 Piagio Skipper 125cc Scooter Twist & Go. (Christine’s).  

Still a very keen motorcyclist, although finding it increasingly difficult getting up from floor during servicing – the bikes I mean!!.