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Summer Tours & Weekend Events

From the early days of the Club we have run a two week Continental Tour in June and over the years a week’s Tour was started in September which may be either Continental or in the British Isles. In addition to these two main events, weekend events are held approximately once a month, two of which are held at Lyme Regis in Dorset; the first is over the Spring Bank Holiday and the second is the Club’s AGM the first weekend in October.


All events are organised by members and they are given a free hand to where it is held and to plan the route; weekend ones are hotel, hostel or camping and every attempt is made to ensure they are spread to as many areas of the British Isles as possible.


The events all have a ‘traditional’ format. For the main Tour, riders choose the Channel crossing which suits them best and all meet up for the first night, which is always a Saturday, in France. The Tour ends after eleven days, some of which are ‘rest’ days, on the Wednesday and ‘somewhere’ on the Continent. Those participating say their farewells to the group on Thursday morning and travel onwards or home usually with friends they have made.  


Weekend events always start on the Friday evening with a social gathering over an evening meal at which all riders are given a route sheet for the following day’s ride which is usually about 120 miles. After the ride on the Saturday there is another evening meal and everyone departs for home on the Sunday.  


The riding at all events also follows a ‘traditional’ format, which stems from the Club’s origins on the Mojacar Rally; the planned printed route sheet is followed by riders usually in groups of about three, there is no ‘back up’ but if riders have problems on the route there will always be someone along to help out (unless you are last of course).